Wednesday, January 9, 2008


veeduria: oversight

We could certainty use more of it, in government institutions, NGO's, and in movements. I am a big fan of the Quaker 'oversight committee' model. On a similar note, seguimiento can be follow-through, but when it's a comisión I would render it as a Monitoring Commission.


Anonymous said...

What about "supervisión"? That's what is said in the UN, at least, such as in the "Examen amplio de la gobernanza y la supervisión" within the U.N.

Sara Koopman said...

I think in general supervision has a bit of a control and hierarchy connotation that movements are precisely trying to avoid when we use oversight. Your call on the context of how veeduria is being used as to whether you want to be careful with those overtones or not.