Wednesday, January 16, 2008

to ground

ground: poner polo a tierra

In both English and Spanish this term comes from the electrical meaning, but is used metaphorically to mean to bring a discussion back to earth, to the concrete, or it can refer to bringing your body energy and spirit back down to earth, in a chi gong kind of way. We could all probably use more of this too.


Raul said...

En realidad, se utiliza "aterrizar" (landing). Es un termino, como bien indicas, que proviene de la ingenieria electrica, y asi se dice en espanol. :)

Sara Koopman said...

hmm, aterrizar is actually a bit different. at least in Colombia it's usually used to mean come down to earth, whereas to ground, despite my initial comment, I think actually means to go further, to send energy under the surface digamos.