Tuesday, January 3, 2012

other resources to share with orgs that use interps

in my last post I shared a resource for organizations looking to be more multilingual in organizing, meetings, etc.

along the same lines, here are two more mainstream resources from the American Translator's Association

here is their promo text:

Interpreting: Getting it Right

For non-linguists, buying interpreting services is often frustrating. Many buyers are not even sure they need a professional interpreter since they know someone who is bilingual and willing to help out.

Buyers simply don't see the same problems and risks of miscommunication that you see.

These potential clients need to know what you do and the value your services can bring to their business. That's where Interpreting: Getting It Right comes in. This straightforward brochure explains the where, why, and how of professional interpreting services. It's a quick read that offers practical, hands-on information for language services consumers, perfect for client education.

To preview this brochure online, click Interpreting: Getting It Right.

Translation: Getting it Right

There are hundreds of ways a translation project can go off track – ridiculous deadlines, misapplied machine translation, poor project management. You know because you've seen it all. But have your clients? Be sure they know the value you bring to their business and keep them coming back.

Client education is one of the best ways to build your customer base, and it's easy to do with the Translation: Getting It Right brochure.

Translation: Getting it Right

ATA members can receive 20 free copies just for the asking. Contact the ATA Membership Services Manager for details.

But what if your client doesn't speak English? The brochure is now available in a number of other languages. Check out the links below!

You can also preview this client education booklet online. Click to download a PDF version of Translation: Getting It Right.