Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Contraloría [Col]: Comptroller

Well, really the Comptroller General's Office, but for simultaneous you could just use the Comptroller. This is an office that does not exist in all countries, but is part of the fourth branch of government in Colombia - the public ministries that have oversight over the rest of the government. These also include the Defensoría (Human Rights Ombudsman) and the Procuraduría (Inspector General). I regularly hear these terms misinterpreted into English by folks who don't know the Colombian system of governance.

Latest bad news from the Comptroller: Colombia's peace process is $25 billion short.

Friday, September 21, 2018

estrategia de transversalización de género: gender mainstreaming

estrategia de transversalización de género: gender mainstreaming

What is it? Well, different organizations use it differently - and far too often as an empty headnod - but as the UNDP explains on their page about this policy,

"Esta estrategia implica integrar el enfoque de equidad de género de forma transversal en todas las políticas, estrategias, programas, actividades administrativas y financieras del PNUD, así como en la cultura institucional, de modo a contribuir verdaderamente a cerrar las brechas de desarrollo humano que persisten entre hombres y mujeres. De forma complementaria a la Transversalización de Género, el PNUD se compromete a realizar acciones afirmativas a favor de las mujeres, a fin de compensar las desigualdades existentes entre hombres y mujeres en relación al acceso a oportunidades, participación e igual disfrute de los beneficios del desarrollo."

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

tool for practicing simultaneous interpreting

The site News in Slow Spanish is intended for Spanish language learners, but it seems to me that it could also be used to practice simultaneous interpretation into English if you are just dipping your toes into those waters. You can switch the speed from slow to normal, so you could practice it once on slow, and then again on normal. They also provide the transcript, so you could start with the transcript, then do it without, then speed it up.