Tuesday, February 23, 2021

prison industrial complex: complejo industrial de prisiones

prison industrial complex: complejo industrial de prisiones 

This one does not have great googlage, but I think it works well. Not super tricky, just one I hadn't really thought of before. I ran into it in this article:

Género, cuerpo, racismo y complejo industrial de prisiones: experiencias de personas negras en una cárcel de Bogotá 

por Jei Alanis Bello Ramírez

Thursday, February 11, 2021

hashtivism: hashtivismo

The English wiktionary entry for this says it is a derogatory term, but I have seen it used without any
derogatory intent. Yes, you could call it hashtag activism - but doesn't hashtivism sound cooler?!

Hashtivismo only has 327 hits on google but I like it. Yes, you could say activismo hashtag, but again, doesn't hashtivismo sound cooler?

Is it still hashtivism when it both comes from and then again leaps offline, like #metoo did? Hell yes, hashtivism can be part of a larger campaign.