Friday, June 26, 2009

"white" man/woman

Guate - canche
Panama - fulo/fula

CR - macho (macha para mujeres?!)

Nica/El Salvador - chele/ chele
Mexico - güero/güera

Colombia - mono/ mona

I am looking for anything written about how whiteness works in Latin America and would very much appreciate references. What strikes me is that rather than being unmarked/invisible as it is in North America, it is instead hypervisible and regularly remarked upon. Surely folks must have written about this? I haven't had much luck finding it, other than one article about the use of whitening creams in Mexico. Of course white privilege works differently in Latin America and I'm especially interested in anything written about that. Not only do 'monas' like me get this privilege, but lighter skinned mestizos do too - though this seems rarely talked about or acknowledged.