Monday, June 12, 2023

junt*s instead of junt@s

It used to be somewhat common to use the @ to denote, say, juntos y juntas. The problem is that it still reinforces the gender binary.

I don't think the * solution is common, but I like it. I was reminded of it by the book Junt*s transformamos a Colombia. Not sure how you pronounce it though - as juntes? The e ending has become more and more common since I first posted about it in 2015 (my all time most read post). I like it, but some are insisting on including the a and o as well, so in this case juntos, juntas, y juntes - meaning that e would not capture male and female, but just nonbinary folks. Good grief. I'm fine with just the e for everyone, but if you want to be more inclusive, maybe the * is the ticket. Doubt it will catch on though.

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Tedd Judd said...

I also doubt that * will catch on, in part because it is often used, at least in English posting, to hide an expletive, as in, "He's a real a**h***!" I'm with you that "e" seems like the least bad solution. At least you can say it. How would you say, "junt*s," "junt@s," or "juntxs"?