Friday, May 11, 2018


The most poetic rendition of this I have seen is "high Andean moor." But more usefully, you could keep the term in Spanish and define it, as this article did: "paramo, a special ecosystem in the Andes where vast amounts of water are produced." It is the pollution of that water that is at issue in the gold mine protests described in the article, so this seems like a useful version - though I would have called it a fragile alpine tundra ecosystem. You could also just use fragile Andean tundra if time is short. If doing simultaneous interpreting I would probably define it like this once and then go on to use the term in Spanish.

photo is of the páramo de Sumapaz, in Colombia


Sara Koopman said...

oooh, just saw it rendered as Andean tundra. Not sure if that's technically correct (what is a tundra exactly?) but saw it at

Sara Koopman said...

this article keeps it Spanish and then describes it as:
a frosty, high-altitude wetland ecosystem.

Doesn't convey how rare or magical it is but clear.