Friday, April 13, 2012


grounded: arraigado

Props to my compa Kirsten from Codev. We're interpreting for the IDEA network conference "Teaching for Transformation: International Forum on Liberating Pedagogies and Resistance to Neo-liberalism" and she came up with this rendition.

When grounded is being used in a more new agey way, like, let's take a deep breath and get grounded, I've used mandemos polo a tierra, but when it's being used to say it's a grounded proposal, or she's a grounded leader, arraigada can work.

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Unknown said...

Careful with that one, because arraigada is also a legal term to mean that you cannot leave the country because you have charges pending. We have invited a number of Latin American teachers who were not able to come because they were "arraigada" or "arraigado."