Friday, October 21, 2011

mainstream media

mainstream media: los grandes medios
(corporate media: medios corporativos)

any thoughts on how to render the slogan "be the media"?

for a fun critique of the mainstream media coverage of the occupy movement see the video below


Jeremy O. Simer said...

Sara, any objection to a simple rendering as "sé los medios de comunicación"?

And great video clip, thanks for that.

Sara Koopman said...

but Jer, where is the 'mainstream' in that? I know this isn't an exact rendition but this spanish version is what I've been hearing from media activists in Colombia.

Seattle CISPES said...

I would say something like "anúnciate sin intervención" or "con tu propia voz" or "a través de tus propios medios" if you wanted more of the original sense...although, I think what Jeremy said might also work.