Saturday, September 17, 2011

do no harm

do no harm: acción sin daño

Not quite literal, but this is how folks in Colombia who are working with Mary Anderson's framework are translating the term. Her book is titled "Do no harm: how aid can support peace - or war". A free handbook with the seven steps she suggests to ensure you do no harm is available at

Her *entire* book, translated into Spanish (as Accion sin daño), is available here.

Many thanks to my friend Ricardo Chaparro who teaches at the especilización en Acción Sin Daño de la Universidad Nacional de Colombia and who writes, "La página web de la especialización, para quien le interese, es:

Dicho enlace [book above] hace parte de la Biblioteca Digital en Violencia Sociopolitica, Acción Sin Daño y Construcción de Paz "Bivipas", que es la biblioteca que intentamos construir desde la Universidad Nacional de Colombia, y cuyo link es el siguiente:"

Gracias Ricardo!


Lillie Langtry said...

Loses something in the translation if it doesn't have the same connotations of the Hippocratic oath as the original?

Sara Koopman said...

I agree, I guess that's why I posted it, because it seemed odd to me that it wasn't just 'no hacer daño.'

Sara Koopman said...

oh, I should have said that's how her book title was translated - just added that to the post ...