Friday, December 25, 2009

Speak up!

Speak up! speak out! let me hear you! : !Hagase escuchar! :

(CHANGED to alza la voz! thanks to Atenea - see comments)

This one comes thanks to my colleagues: Ken Barger, who posed the question in regards to speak up, and Diana Meredith, who came up with this great rendition.

This is a phrase you often see on flyers and brochures in English that ask folks to take action, call a politician, etc.. Speak up and speak out seem to be used interchangeably. Verbally, in a rally setting, I could imagine someone calling out 'let me hear you!' and 'hagase escuchar' would also work for that I think.

The art here is from the movement artist Rini Templeton. Her family has made all of her images open for public use at


Atenea said...

Alza la voz sounds much more idiomatic to my Mexican ears. You should also remember that the use of "usted" is not common in activist settings in most Latin American countries or in Spain. Hágase escuchar does not do the trick for me, neither in a rally nor in a call for action.


Sara Koopman said...

you are SO RIGHT. ahora no se por que me sono bien la version de usted! googlage totally confirms this one.