Tuesday, June 2, 2009

tejido social

tejido social: social fabric

Though I prefer the more poetic weave, it sounds odd in English. We can certainly talk about weaving together our lives and struggles though. The point of state terror is often to shred the social fabric. Well, actually in English we usually talk about breaking the fabric. You would think it would be rip, or, as is often the case, shred or decimate. En espaƱol creo que tambien se suele hablar de romper el tejido, no? Aun que aca se habla de su ruptura.

Well, may we all use our gifts and talents to weave a tighter and wider fabric that holds us all, norte y sur.

(image by Will Lion)


gizzacroggy said...

I have always used social fabric, but have just remembered the term social cohesion and was wondering what people felt the difference was?

for me, social cohesion is a more understood term in English

Sara Koopman said...

oooh! Claire! you nailed it. much better googlage, and the wikipedia def is right on. ooh! I'm totally wired from a fab day of olympics protests and can't sleep .... check it out at http://vancouver.mediacoop.ca/

I was in a salsa rueda dancing affinity group!