Thursday, May 15, 2008

the belly of the beast

the belly of the beast: las entrañas del monstruo; el corazon del monstruo; las entrañas de la bestia

I hear corazon far more in social justice contexts in Colombia. why in English it would be belly and Spanish heart is an interesting question, no? digestion vs love. or lack thereof. but as Jon points out in the comments, for Martí it was entrañas - and of the three, that first combo has the higher googlage. thanks Jon!


Jon said...

For José Martí, it would be "las entrañas de monstruo." As he said: "Viví en el monstruo, y le conozco las entrañas."

Anonymous said...

Indeed, "las entrañas" is far more common up here (Mexico).

Raul said...

las entraNas de la bestia (+1 on what Atenea said)