Tuesday, July 31, 2007


femocrat: femocrata
a member of the gender technocracy (tecnocracia de género)
That later term was coined by autonomous Latin American feminists "to differentiate the elite of professional women associated with NGO's working on gender related issues from what they considered an authentic feminist movement, struggling from a fundamentally anti-patriarchal position" (Karin Monasterios in her great article about Bolivian Women's Organizations in NACLA). In North America we tend to use femocrat for this. If I were doing fast simul I would use the cognate for speed, though I admit, it's another invention of mine. Though it has no googlage, I bet if it were a friendly audience they'd get it - it's a fairly obvious neologism. In consec or written I would use the full tecnocracia term.

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Andrea Parra said...

sounds a bit strange to me. but in any case, it would have a tilde in the o, femócrata.