Tuesday, May 1, 2012


bullying: matoneo escolar (often shortened to just matoneo)

At the recent educators conference I interpreted for I heard several Mexicans use the English word, but in Colombia matoneo is used.  I'm not sure about other countries, any other versions out there? 

Matoneo has been in the Colombian news a lot lately because rates are way up and a student was killed recently.   A senator is asking for a national school emergency to be declared, details here.


atenea said...

Yes, most Mexicans just used the English word, but as you know, bullying has always existed (I guess it's receiving more attention lately as it seems to have worsened). Some people in Mexico still use the good old Spanish words "hostigamiento" and "intimidación." Perpetrators can also be called "bravucón/bravucona".

Anonymous said...

En el Río de la Plata se usa el verbo "patotear". La RAE no lo registra, pero sí registra el sustantivo "patota".

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