Wednesday, September 26, 2007

day laborer

day laborer: jornalero (Mex, and thus used most in US)

the National Day Laborer Organizing Network is the Red Nacional de Jornaleros. Why their site is only in English is a mystery. I guess their own base is unlikely to be looking at it. I'm fascinated by how they tend to gather now not so much at street corners but are moving to the Home Depot parking lots. There's also a freaky counter phenomena of xenophobic folks who go to these parking lots and try to push them out or picket against them. etc - Mike Davis calls this 'crabgrass apartheid'. Anyone want to take a stab at translating that? I don't think he means fake, like astroturf ... more like sprouting up all over. But then, it IS a play on grassroots. Hmm.