Tuesday, April 28, 2020

car protest: bocinatón

Car protests, car rallies, car caravan actions, or my favorite English term, honk-ins, aren't new, but they're certainly suddenly more common as a safer way to protest together. Sometimes people drive slowly around a target (like an immigration detention center, or City hall), sometimes they park all around it and honk.

I will admit that I just cooked up the term bocinatón for them, inspired by the recent velatón actions in Colombia. I was happy though to find several uses of it when I googled it - all from Chile from several years ago but hey, the term might spread more widely now. I would be curious to hear what else folks are using.

Sunday, April 5, 2020

desmercantilizar: decommodify

Es hora de desmercantilizar la vida!
It's time to decommodify life!

Thanks to Lorena Zarate for this one.

Of course the term decommodification means different things to different people. It's one of the ten principles of burning man, and explained by Caveat here, where they say:

"When we commodify we seek to make others, and ourselves, more like things, and less like human beings.   “Decommodification,” then, is to reverse this process.  To make the world and the people in it more unique, more priceless, more human."