Tuesday, April 2, 2024

a swarm: un enjambre

to swarm is enjambrar

so for swarm the state how about enjambremos el estado?

image, of course, is from the fabulous beehive collective

Their amazing art that tells stories of the struggle is available at beehivecollective.org.

Thursday, February 8, 2024

comunitario is not communitarian, another false cognate to avoid

I have blogged here about many dangerous false cognates related to social change, such as municipio and judicialización and proyectos productivos and plataforma (search false cognate in the search bar for many more, I've been at this for a while).

Comunitario is another. In English communitarian, Webster says, means of or relating to social organization in small cooperative partially collectivist communities. Sometimes this might be what comunitario refers to - but at least in Colombia it often seems to just mean community, or community based.

Friday, January 12, 2024

Beyond tired

 "! تعبنا, تعبنا, I hear over and over again, when watching Gaza in Arabic. It could be rendered in English as simply we are tired, we are tired, but a more accurate translation would be, we have come to the limits of ourselves, we are empty, exhaustion consumes us. تعبنا, تعبنا, Gazans repeat, speaking in plural even when interviewed alone. As miraculous as Palestinian sumud may be, it is not limitless. Our endurance should be a means, not an end. What Gaza longs for—deserves—is justice, liberation, and life."

From this gorgeous essay on the work of the witness, which also addresses the translation conundrum of the word martyr. I can't recommend this essay enough.