Thursday, June 17, 2021

settler colonialism: colonialidad de asentamiento

I've heard colonialidad de colonos, but colonos and colonias mean totally different things, so that doesn't really work - a point made by Sofia Zaragocín at this panel session entitled 'Sentir-pensar la traducción: geopolitics of knowledge and south-north dialogues', which was part of the fabulous Segundo Encuentro Latinoamericano de Movimientos Socioespaciales y Socioterritoriales (all of the videos of which are on youtube).
This rendition, colonialismo de asentamiento, is what Pilar Riaño uses. Suena raro, but that's probably better! Hopefully it will help listeners realize that it's something odd, and not what they're used to thinking of necessarily since settler colonialism was not the main model in Latin America. 
We had a great discussion about this term in this wonderful twitter thread, it's well worth reading the various strands of it (no twitter account required).