Wednesday, May 21, 2008

mainstream media

mainstream media: medios dominantes de comunicación

This rendition caught my eye in the article Traducción y compromiso by Manuel Talens at He actually renders it as medios dominantes globales but I think they can be medios dominantes in a local context without being globales, though more and more of course they are indeed tied to global conglomerates. El Tiempo, the "leading" newspaper of Colombia, was recently bought by the Planeta group, for example.


Anonymous said...

I agree about globales but it should be:

"medios de comunicacion dominantes"

you should define the object "medios de comunicacion" before adding the adjective or it sounds a bit odd

Sara Koopman said...

hmm, quite right. though I think most times, especially if doing simul, I'd just leave of the de comunicacion and say los medios dominantes.

Raul said...

I would use "medios masivos de comunicacion", not "medios dominantes de comunicacion"

Sara Koopman said...

hm. but masivos has a totally different connotation - it just means big. you could call democracy now! masivo at this point, but it's certainly not mainstream. (check out their Spanish version by the way)

Dan Feder said...

I like "medios comerciales." That is really what we're saying when we say mainstream media anyway, isn't it? "Dominantes" to me has too much of a denouncing effect.

But then, I prefer to use "commercial media" in English as well. To me, to keep repeating the mainstream/alternative dichotomy is to reinforce our own marginalization.