Tuesday, March 31, 2015

craftivism: actiartesanismo?!?

I am totally just making this up.  Has anyone heard any other version being actually used on the ground, not in translation?

Artivism is so much easier to render as artivismo - maybe the solution is to upgrade all craftivism to artivism? But that may be a faux paux since it is of course political to reclaim and honor crafts as crafts.

update: Manuel Cedeño, in Caracas, suggests the fabulous option of artesanía militante


atenea said...

I would rather use two words than a palabro ;-)

My suggestion is artesanía activista.


Sara Koopman said...

atenea's suggestion is clearer, but there's also artesanivismo if you're a fan of neologisms :)