Tuesday, February 19, 2013

greenwashing (rightswashing, causewashing ...)

greenwashing: lavado verde (as in, forget the other horrible things we do, we just put a figleaf of environmentalism over it all by saying it´s printed on recycled paper)

pinkwashing: lavado rosa (gay rights figleaf - think Israel)

rightwashing: lavado con derechos (usually refers to human rights, less common)

causewashing: lavado con causa (as in the pampers campaign where you buy one pack of disposable diapers and pampers gives a tiny donation to UNICEF for a vaccine)

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Sara Koopman said...

just saw greenwashing as eco-blanqueamiento and that seems SO confusing and wrong to me https://expeditiorepositorio.utadeo.edu.co/handle/20.500.12010/7725