Wednesday, December 15, 2010

no manches

no manches: you've got to be kidding!

Yes, it's a cleaner version, but what I came up with. Any other suggestions?

Never heard this saying? Then you must have never 'shot the shit' with a Mexican!


John Pluecker said...

get outta here. (like i can't believe that, like wow that's unexpected.)

get the fuck out. (maybe this would be better for the pre-sanitized "no mames." since "no manches" is just a cleaned up version of the more vulgar original.)

Sara Koopman said...

thanks John : )

traci said...

i had to comment on this because of a funny mis-remembering of the idiom "shoot the shit" recalled by my colombian husband. one time, after spending all afternoon with his pals, I asked him what he did all afternoon. "Oh, not much," he said "we mostly threw the shit all day." HA!

Seattle CISPES said...

Suele que en Sudamérica uno dice "no jodas" pero resulta que en Centroamérica y para arriba esto es bastante vulgar y escandaloso.