Friday, November 12, 2010

great social justice translation/bilingual media work opportunity

did you hear about the great protests in Copenhagen for climate justice? want to be part of the fun and excitement in the next round?

Climate Justice Now! is looking for Mexican and other students from the region committed to climate justice to serve as CJN!-COP16 interns/press room support at the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP16) in Cancun Nov. 27-Dec. 11.

Students interested in helping must be committed to fighting for climate justice and working to support grassroots activists, leading policy thinkers and researchers, especially those from the global south.

Ideally, each student should be FLUENT in Spanish & English so they can work fast, in the frenzied UN conference space. Each student MUST have her/his own cell phone and her/his own laptop, with functioning WIFI--and with SKYPE up and properly functioning.

Students will be in and outside of the official conference hall and they might be assigned to cover external side events.

Responsibilities will include, but will not necessarily be limited to:
• Assisting on internal and external media operations: Press releases will be in English and Spanish, at least. It will be a MAJOR PLUS if interested students speak any other UN languages...French, Russian, Arabic, or Chinese.
• Logistics

• Blogging in English & Spanish.
• Note taking: Interns may be asked to divide up and cover sessions deemed relevant by the CJN! and strategic affiliates. They should be expected to take session notes in English &/or Spanish and may be asked to write blog entries or co-write press releases on these sessions--in cooperation with our press team--in English or Spanish.
• Possible co-support, rapid research as needed and requested for marginalized observer and country delegations.

Again, ideally each student will be FLUENT in Spanish & English so they can work fast.

These positions are unpaid. Students must arrange and fund their own travel to Cancun.

Interested applicants send resume to Lauren Gifford at


Atenea Acevedo said...

It's a shame that they don't offer any funding for volunteer interpreters. Cancun is perhaps the most expensive destination for Mexican established professionals, let alone students! Flights, accommodation and meals are more expensive than anywhere in Mexico. Oh, well.

rashid1891 said...
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rashid1891 said...
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