Friday, October 15, 2010


It depends on the way the word is being used (ie, with what definition),
but it is usually NOT compromiso!! (a common and dangerous false cognate).

My friend Sarah Henken asked me to blog what I use for this. I like punto medio acordado (and when doing simultaneous after the first time I just use punto medio). There's also acuerdo mutuo. Any other suggestions?


traci said...

thanks for this, sara! sara h. and i were talking about this awhile ago. i agree that compromiso is a dangerous false cognate. i use some of the same constructions you suggest, but i never feel like that they get to the heart of what the word compromise means in English. while a compromise is a acuerdo mutuo, i never feel an acuerdo mutuo doesn't always require sacrifice whereas a compromise does. maybe that's just me being complicated.

Dan Feder said...

I would say the right word is NEVER compromiso... I remember a particular argument I witnessed that went on for way too because one side was arguing for "compromise" while the other (native hispanoparlante) side though it was being accused of a lack of "commitment!"

Perhaps we would have peace in Colombia already if there WERE a word in Spanish for this? Just sayin'...