Monday, September 7, 2009


How's that for jargon? New to me. It seems to mean “all types of interlingual transmission, such as translation, interpreting, and subtitling.”

Check out the journal Studies in Translatology

See also the Journal of Translation studies


translatology said...

Not so new. It dates from 1973, when it was first published by me in Canada. The French translation "traductologie" dates from the same time.

Spanish "traductología" was first used in 1977 in the title of a book by a translation teacher named Gerardo Vázquez Ayora.

However, the preferred English term nowadays in academic circles, and by a 20:1 margin, is "translation studies".

Con un cordial saludo

Brian Harris
Valencia, Spain

Sara Koopman said...

Fabulous! Thanks Brian : )