Tuesday, June 23, 2009


proceso: organizing process, organizing project

Often proceso just gets rendered literally, as process, as it is in the video above by the Nasa First Nation of Colombia. Process can mean all sorts of things in English, but I think that a community organizing process is one of the last things that will come to the minds of English speakers who do not speak Spanish when they hear this term. To clarify I strongly suggest adding the word organizing. In English we would normally say organizing project, not process. I like importing process actually, because it implies that organizing is forever ongoing, not a one shot deal, but for it to make sense in English, again, I think we need to add the word organizing. Thoughts on this one?


Jon said...

I reckon "project" is right (projects are ongoing, no?). It also fits with the other famous use of the term: the Argentine Junta's "Proceso de reorganización nacional."

Dan Feder said...

Very much agree Sara, I love the word "process." It is somehow more humble and honest than "project," suggesting that one may not have it all figured out from the beginning.