Saturday, January 3, 2009

quizzing yourself

There's really no way of getting around studying lists to improve your handle on obscure terms (I have spent far too many hours of my life studying Sp/En lists of obscure legal terminology). With web 2.0 there are at least now new ways of doing flashcards. In the past I've recommended quizlet. Now there's also verbalearn - that you can also download onto your ipod/etc. Haven't tried the latter, but seems worth a go if you're studying for a certification exam (and yes, I do think it's worth working your way up the interpretation certifications ladder, even if you're mostly a movement interpreter - but of course, I did work my way up the ladder and then jumped onto the much longer ladder of graduate school, so who am I to say). (I added both of these to the good tools sidebar section)


John Pluecker said...


i've read your blog for a while and find it really interesting. i am one of those interpreters working their way up the certification ladder(s). do you have specific glossaries used on these websites that you recommend? how would you use them? any tips would be helpful.


(my email is one my blog if you prefer to email me.)

Sara Koopman said...

thanks for the compliment : ) no, the way those sites work is that you put in your own vocab that you're working on. I never really did well with other people's study lists - though I did go through the lists of body features, list of car parts, etc for the court exam - but mostly I cherry picked off there the ones I didn't know AND thought were likely to come up.