Monday, April 21, 2008

open source

open source: codigo abierto

the full word is really source code. funny how the code gets dropped in En, and the source in Sp. feeling depressed about social change? it can help to spend a moment in awe of the beauty and potential of the open source movement.

an article that I recently translated into English for the fabulous Association for Progressive Communications reminded me of this one. APC puts geekiness to work for social justice struggles - not just as in recruit geek volunteers, but really far more thoughtfully think about how different information and communication technologies could help us make different kinds of worlds.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sara, for the kudos! We are proud that we manage to recruit activist translators like yourself. Btw, i did not know you are living in Colombia!

Unknown said...

and I have never heard us referred to as 'fabulous' before :) I like it... but now we have to live up to it!

Anriette Esterhuysen APC