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Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (WHINSEC): Instituto de Cooperación para la Seguridad Hemisférica

This is the creepy new world order name that the U.S. Army gave to what they formerly called the School of the Americas (SOA). The movement to shut it down still widely calls it the SOA. This is the army's official translation, which you'll notice doesn't bother to mention *which* hemisphere in Spanish.
WHINSEC is the army's offical acronym. Maybe because they didn't want you to think they were just trying to "WHISC" away the problem by renaming it.

I have been involved in the movement to shut down the SOA for eight years. Interpreting at the annual vigil in front of the school is far and away the most rewarding interpreting I do, I can't recommend it enough. The vigil is amazing (see videos of past years), and as an interpreter you get to be at the heart of it. This year I won't be able to go because I'll be in Colombia marching with the also amazing Ruta Pacifica. Will you please take my place in Georgia? If you have interpreting experience, we can put you up and help with travel costs. Here is the official pro bono help wanted ad. If you can't make it but know someone else who might, please do send it to them. Thanks!

Volunteer Spanish and Sign interpreters and translators

for the School of the Americas demonstration:
Nov. 16-18, 2007 at Ft. Benning, Georgia
from home! any time!

Outraged at our government's support for torture, from Colombia to Iraq? Here is a concrete, powerful short-term way to make a difference. We need your help to expose the School of the Americas, the notorious military training school for Latin American soldiers and police located on U.S. soil, at Fort Benning, Georgia.

The School of the Americas, now named the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation (SOA/WHINSEC), has left a trail of blood and suffering in every country where its graduates have returned. The school has trained over 61,000 Latin American soldiers. Graduates of the SOA/WHISNEC have consistently used their skills to wage a war against their own people, and in the past few years, known human rights abusers have returned to the school for further training and instruction.

For more information about the SOA/WHINSEC and SOA Watch, the grassroots movement working to shut it down, visit

This November Vigil is the largest gathering annual gathering against U.S. military empire happening inside the United States. We are committed to creating a truly bilingual space and movement and we need your help this November 16-18!

Do you have experience interpreting or translating?
Make a difference. Make the trip. Be a vital part of this moving and powerful protest.

Don't feel comfortable interpreting but speak Spanish and want to help?
There are also lots of other ways to help!

We need:

  • Simultaneous interpreters - English > Spanish (of all stage program)
  • Consecutive interpreters - Spanish > English (with some En>Sp) (at workshops)
  • Accompaniment interpreters - English <> Spanish (help move around the crowd, make informal connections, less skill required)
  • Spanish speaking media outreach volunteers (make phone calls, translate and edit press releases, etc. all levels of experience welcome)
  • Spanish speaking assistants (does not require high fluency, answer basic questions and hand out interpretation equipment)
  • Sign interpreters (simultaneous on stage)

All interpreting will be done in teams, in short shifts. We may be able to offer housing and help with travel costs for interpreters.

Can't come? Help from home!

We also need:

  • Translators of English > Spanish for a variety of outreach documents.

(Some established translation memory available to those who would like to use it, not required but it makes the job easier! You can use the freeware Wordfast program, which works on top of MS Word, or for those already using other programs the existing TM is compatible through TMX.)

  • Editors and proofers of Spanish translations. (glossary is provided)

If you can contribute in any of these ways please contact:
Joao Da Silva,, 202- 234-3440

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